The Platinum Service includes the following:

  • Brakes & Gears serviced.
  • Headset service - Removing + cleaning + re-greasing bearings.
  • Bottom Bracket service - removing the cranks and bottom bracket + cleaning, re-greasing and re-installing.
  • Hub service x 2 - stripping down cleaning and re-greasing. The labour for replacing hub bearings if needed is included.
  • Wheels spoke tension x 2.
  • All bolts checked for tightness + any minor adjustments + tyres inflated.
  • Full Clean & Degrease.


Most of the time the cables will need to be changed because of dirt ingress or rust. Brake pads may also need to be replaced. Including cables and pads the average price is between £100-£110, this depends on the amount of cables that need to be changed. Also if you have hydraulic disc brakes, they may need to be bled i.e. the fluid will be replaced in your brake system, for this add £20 to the service pricing.